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Rabbits, Rhubarb, and The Resurrection

Easter is a significant holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, symbolizing renewal, joy, and self-reflection. Despite the popularization of bunnies and candy, believers honor the sacrifice of Jesus and proclaim his victory over death. This post acknowledges the coexistence of the commercialized festivities with the true meaning of Easter, which for me, encompasses rabbits, rhubarb, and the Resurrection.

As a child, my family had an Easter tradition: driving from Chicago to Arkansas to visit my great-grandmother, affectionately known as "Grandma Lucie Baby." Her home was in a small town with just a few churches, a Dairy Queen, and a gas station. Despite the lack of modern amenities, her house was surrounded by a beautiful garden filled with rhubarb that she used to bake delicious pies for Easter dessert. Her wood-burning stove emitted a sweet aroma of burning oak and leaves that still brings back memories today. On Easter, we would attend her small church followed by an egg hunt in and around her home, where my mom would sprinkle fake bunny prints made of flour on the bright red carpet. The highlight of the day was my great-grandmother's Easter feast, and her homemade noodles and chicken (pre-vegan of course) remains my all-time favorite. In a simpler time before the internet, cell phones, and cable TV, my brother and I would fish and ride bikes while playing with our Easter treats. Though my great-grandmother has since passed, Easter reminds me of unforgettable moments spent in her company.

As noted, this holiday means more than the traditional symbols of bunnies, candy, and eggs. For me, Easter holds a spiritual significance as it commemorates the resurrection of Christ and the promise of eternal life. I see it as a reminder to keep the hope from the resurrection at the heart of celebrations. One of my favorite Bible verses that captures this hope is 1 Corinthians 15:20, which says, "But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep." For believers, this verse is a source of inspiration and motivation to keep faith at the center of our lives, knowing that Christ's resurrection was not a one-time event but the beginning of a new life for those who believe.

This Easter, I want to express my deep gratitude for Christ's selfless sacrifice and the immense love shown to us through it. May we remember this sacrifice daily and strive to live out His teachings. Happy Easter to all—May it be a time of joy, hope, and family memories.

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