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Finding Freedom in Faith on the Fourth

What do you think of when you imagine July 4th festivities? Do you reminisce about community block parties or family cookouts? Do you think of events like 9/11, the American Revolution, Taps being played at Arlington Cemetery, or the singing of the National Anthem before an athletic event? I think of all of these things. I also think of how fortunate we are to have Freedom in Faith and the Freedom of Faith.

Finding Freedom in Faith is essentially about how having a strong spiritual belief can provide a sense of inner freedom and peace. Because I am confident in my faith, I understand the freedom of being released from guilt, fear, and doubt, and instead feel a strong sense of purpose and direction in my life.

July 4th is a holiday that holds great significance for me as an American citizen (and as a July 3 birthday girl). It marks the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, through which the United States declared its freedom from the British Empire. This special occasion represents political freedom and celebrates highly cherished values such as liberty and independence. On a more personal and spiritual level, I believe that our faith plays a crucial role in providing a comparable sense of freedom. Therefore, I draw the connection between achieving Freedom in Faith and commemorating the freedom celebrated on July 4th.

So today, while enjoying friends, family, food, and fireworks, don’t forget your freedom or faith that so many fought to preserve.

God Bless America!

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