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The Litmus Test of Childlike Trust and Purpose

In the fast-paced world of athletics, it's easy to lose sight of our faith and the profound connection we share with all living things. Inspired by Job 12:9-12, today's post explores the importance of embracing childlike trust and the spiritual litmus test it presents. Through the intersection of faith and athletics, we can find a deeper meaning and purpose in our pursuits.

Job's words remind us that every creature, including ourselves, knows their Maker. As athletes, we must recognize that our faith is not separate from our athletic pursuits but rather intertwined with them. It is a spiritual litmus test that guides our actions and beliefs, shaping our character on and off the court.

We may start with doubts in our faith journey, questioning God's plans and purposes. However, as we mature, our doubts transform into meaningful questions that deepen our understanding of God's ways. We learn to trust Him even when we don't have all the answers, recognizing that our faith is not weakened by questioning but instead strengthened.

Too often, cynicism seeps into our lives, causing us to hold back and mistrust even those closest to us. But as we reflect on the interconnectedness of all life, we realize that we are bound to God and every living thing. This realization challenges us to approach life with openness and trust, fostering deeper relationships and unity with our teammates and competitors.

Job's words beautifully illustrate our profound connection with all living things. As plants and animals instinctively recognize God as their Father, we are called to embrace childlike trust. Jesus Himself emphasized this in Matthew 18:3, urging us to become like children in our faith, free from skepticism and fear and wholly reliant on God's guidance.

As athletes, we have the unique opportunity to integrate our faith and athletics, recognizing the interconnectedness of all life. By embracing childlike trust, we can navigate the challenges of our athletic journey with a deep sense of purpose and connection to our Creator and fellow beings. Let us strive to approach life with the unwavering trust of a child, knowing that the hand of the Lord is at work in all things, both on and off the court.

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