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No Man Left Behind

In recent reflections, I've come to appreciate the profound resonance between a couple of biblical passages (Matthew 12:11 and Ezekiel 34) and the Soldier's Creed, and how they align with my experiences in college athletics. These sources of inspiration have provided me with valuable insights I feel fortunate to share with you.

Matthew 12:11 says, "What man shall there be among you, that shall have one sheep, and if it falls into a pit on the sabbath day, will he not lay hold on it, and lift it out?" Jesus speaks about helping those in need, even when it's inconvenient or goes against the norm. You never leave someone to struggle alone. I see a parallel in this to my role as a coach. It's not just about training my team to win games; it's about supporting each player, especially when they're struggling, whether with a difficult serve or a challenging class. We're a team, on and off the court, and it's my responsibility to ensure no player feels left behind.

Ezekiel 34 speaks of shepherds and their responsibilities to their flock. This metaphor speaks to me. As a coach, I am a shepherd to my athletes (and occasionally a cat herder). I guide them, not just in their sport but also in life. I help them navigate through victories and losses, through triumphs and challenges. I strive to lead with compassion and understanding, just as a good shepherd would.

Just as Ezekiel 34 uses the metaphor of a shepherd guiding his flock, the Soldier's Creed emphasizes leaving no man behind, another crucial principle in college athletics. Togetherness and unity are the bedrock of any successful team. In volleyball, every player, whether serving, attacking, or cheering on the sidelines, contributes to the team's success. We win together, we lose together, and most importantly, we grow together.

In the end, it's not just about the game. It's about the lessons we learn, the bonds we forge, and the people we become. As a coach, I'm privileged to guide my players through this journey, and I'm committed to ensuring that no one gets left behind.

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