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Know Him to Know Him

As a coach, I have seen the profound impact that gaining knowledge of God has on our faith and our performance on the court (and life). In today’s post, I want to share my walk in understanding the importance of knowledge and biblical education in improving us as Christians, ambassadors for Christ, and athletes/coaches.

For someone like me who thrives on education and learning, having a knowledge-based foundation is essential in fully embracing and accepting faith. It is not enough to know about God; we must delve into studying His word and truly understand who He is. Through research, questioning, and exploring the context in which the Word was written, I have deepened my understanding and connection with God.

Recognizing the limitations of our human understanding is crucial to our spiritual growth. Psalm 119:32 hits home for me, saying, "I run in the path of your commands, for you have broadened my understanding." I have learned that relying solely on my understanding hinders my relationship with God and sets me up to share false testimony (2 Timothy 4:3). By acknowledging my limitations, I open myself up to the wisdom and knowledge that God offers.

God knows us intimately and understands how we learn and comprehend best. In my case, He called me to pursue a graduate certificate in Ministry to understand Him better. He knew that I needed to “academically know Him” before fully embracing a relationship with Him. This required me to educate myself, study His word, and prepare my heart to receive Him. God didn’t judge me for my way of thinking; instead, he provided an avenue for me to mentally and spiritually advance. He met me where I was. Doesn’t He always seem to do that?

The apostle Paul's journey is a great example of the importance of knowledge in our faith and athletic pursuits. Like Paul, I needed to understand Christ deeply before becoming an effective ambassador for Him. Just as Jesus revealed Himself to Paul, I needed to truly comprehend and be given the knowledge of God before fully embracing my role as a “self-proclaimed sports minister” and ambassador for Christ to coaches, athletes, and non-athletic persons alike.

By deepening our knowledge of God, we enhance our faith, strengthen our roles as ambassadors for Christ, and improve our performance on the court/field (literal field and minefield that is the world). Advanced knowledge of God's word equips us to navigate challenges, make wise decisions, and inspire others through our actions. It enables us to align our athletic pursuits with our faith, fostering integrity, perseverance, and humility.

In the intersection of faith and athletics, the pursuit of knowledge and biblical education is paramount. I have experienced firsthand the transformative power of gaining knowledge of God. By seeking knowledge, we prepare our hearts to receive Him, deepen our faith, and become more effective ambassadors for Christ.

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